‘Backwards Skaters Only’

directed by Cody Prenn

Coach Tev

From the album “Black Ice”

4 min



Starring: Coach Tev, Blake Cris, P$O Kwama

directed by Cody Prenn
produced by Thomas Farmer,
Cody Prenn, Sunny Perera

cinematography by: Sunny Perera
additional cam op: Emily Sanchez
drone op: Jonathan Livingstone
gaffer: Jhad Villena
grip: Olli Taylor
bts photography: Jared Moody, Nephew
bts videography: Nephew

project manager: Romii Rae
event coordinator: Vibes, Texas
event door attendant: Angelise Walker
event assistant: Tyler “Dex”
vendors: Chef PDubb,
Jasmine Bryant/Art Vibes Only, Prism Rose Jewelry

stylist: Clazzic Threadz
talent assistant: Cristal Matthews

skaters: Dex Uno, London Vibes, Roman Holmes,
Aaron Wright, Fostepco, DailyOoze, Malcolm,
Greenidge, Trenton Dawson, Gage Bailey,
Blair Hayes, Asher Contreras, XVNVX,
Josh Rogers, Emily Sanchez, Kahlipso,
Shira Pridgett, Shena Pridgett, Joi Thomas

Special thanks:
Falyn Westbrook, Lewisville Parks & Recreation,
Hector Sifuentes, Mike Vouklizas, Kathy Vouklizas,
Skate Town Grapevine,
and to everyone that attended the skate rink.

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